Life in Australia: Week 3. New Jobs and people, Mardi Gras 2020 and spontaneous adventures!

A week featurning sunrises, rainbow rewards, accounting, work experience, spontaneous adventure, art exhibitions , new people and new places.This was yet another amazing week that I will remember for years to come.

Monday 24 February

I woke up, had a coffee and went to watch the sunrise. I then skyped my family after planning out my day. We went to see two clients ( I’m doing work experience 3 days a week with Mags, Accounting stuff). Later the day I started prepping food for the night. I went to the Jungle gym/ rowing practice. Absolutely brutal of course. As soon as we finished we were rewarded with a rainbow in the sky. I met Mags at the basin and we went for a swim to end of the day while watching the sunset. When we got home she taught me how to make her famous spaghetti and bolognese. We ate salmon and veggies, watched Schitts creek and relaxed. I talked to my family before going to sleep.

Tuesday 25 February

Started the day by walking to the beach and watching the sunrise. We got cold brew afterwards and I went to meet the other accountant I will be working with on Wednesdays and Fridays. She was such a nice person and I can’t wait to start tomorrow. I went to the office afterward and did some courses on Xero (accounting software). I did a quick pull session at the gym and also practiced my splits( one of y recent goals that I’m trying to achieve). At home I skyped my Mom and then had dinner. I went with Mags, Sofia and Jakob( her children) and we went for a quick swim in the ocean as the sun was setting. When I got home I went on a spontaneous adventure with some of the guys I’ve met here. Special mention to Finley, Sid, Lachlan, Sizo and Ben. They took me to “Macca’s” ( thats what mcdonalds is called to all the confused South Africans), a look out and then just drove around when other plans fell through. I watced Schitts creek with the fam and went to sleep after an exciting day.

Wednesday 26 February

Woke up. Sunrise at the beach. Breakfast. Book. And then went off to my first 9 to 5 job. I was surprised with a welcoming morning tea for me. We all talked and the employees got to know me better. The people were so nice and I am really happy to have this opportunity to work alongside them. I went to the gym when I was finished and skyped my mom on the way there. I walked home with a view of the ocean. As soon as I got settled in for the night I walked to my family again, watched netflix, had dinner , meditated and went to bed.

Thursday 27 February

I woke up later today ( sleep is very important to me so I make sure I get 8h+). I talked to my dad first thing in the morning. I went to the gym after breakfast and had a lovely leg day. I did a bit of cardio to cool off and walked home to get ready for work. I was really missing my family this day. It gets hard being away for long especially since I’m so used to spending time with them. I loved working that day because I learned about a lot of new processes and functions that I wasn’t aware of before. I then went for a swim to complete my day. I went to bed a bit earlier after talking to my family.

Friday 28 February

I woke up before the sun to get my gym session in. I then went to my 9 to 5. After that I got picked up and went to Manly beach’s art museum for Lachlan’s( previosly mentioned) art exhibition. When that was finished I went with their group of friends for some Margaritas at El Caminos and we were right on time for a lovely sunset as well. We had dinner at Daniel San , a really interesting place to be. There was a lovely moon for us to admire on our way home. We watched friends for a late night treat and a great end to a great day.

Saturday 29 February

A beachy day: I woke up and we immediately got ready for a couple of hours at the beach. I got to meet some of Mags’ friends and had a wonderful time swimming. I made myself a veggie packed smoothy before heading to the gym for a quick workout. The gym is definitely a way of clearing my mind and just relaxing so I love going. 5 pm we had tennis with a couple of neighbours on their grass court it was a bit rushed because we had to get ready for the Mardi Gras afterwards but still a nice social gathering. We got ready and took the bus into the city. Everybody on the bus had a exciting look on their face and was definitely dressed for the Mardi Gras. We got off and evrywhere you looked was people in colourful outfits. In crowds everybody started walking to Oxford st. We got a nice secluded area where we could watch the floars and dancers without beging squished by a massive crowd, plus we where right by the big screen. Great music, clourful floats, talented dancers, flashing lights , fireworks , excitedness. Thats me trying to descibe this wonderful night. At 10pm things started getting wild and we decided to leave this amazing event. I cant believe I attended Mardi Gras 2020! We ate mcDonalds in the train station before heading home on the bus.

Sunday 1 March

At the beginning of the year I decided that my Sundays should be a relaxing day. I got myself some coffee and started planning out for next week. This really clears my ind as I’m someone that gets super overwhelmed when I dont feel organized. We went to Jakob’s dance concert. All the proceeds will go to what the fires destroyed and to repairing it. We had home made Burgers for dinner, whached Schitts creek, I skyped my family( hulle was besig om te braai, ons tradisie op Sondae by die huis, a very South African thing to do). Ek mis julle! The rest of the night was uneventful but relaxing. What a nice day to end of this busy week.

Another wonderful week in Australia. It just keeps getting better. I absolutely love it here. I feel like I learn or experience something new everyday and I feel so blessed to be able to experience it.

Thank you yet again to my amazing, supportive parents that encouraged me to do this gap year and also made it possible for me.

Thank you so much to Mags and her family for letting me stay with them and also planning wonderful things for me to do.

And last but no least thank you to YOU, for taking the time to read about my life. I love documenting it and your support means the world to me.